Collaborative project: “The Lost Highway Exhibition” and the Unknown Future of Europe


The Lost Highway Expedition is a tour to explore the unknown future of Europe. It is an interdisciplinary and multi-nationally based research project to articulate and imagine the current evolution of new and transforming borders and territories of Europe. The subject is the continent of immigration, and its depopulation and aging, and the need for redefinition of states, sovereignties and citizenships. The project was conceived by the artist/architects Kyong Park and Marjetica Potrc in the fall of 2004 in the course of their month-long expedition through ten cities in the Western Balkans. While discovering and exploring new urban phenomena in these cities, Kyong Park and Marjetica Potrc collected their preliminary research material, including extensive photo-documentation, and established contacts with individual initiatives and various institutions in each city.

︎ The Lost Highway Expedition

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