Selected Projects

Labyrinth, 2019-2023

Useful Fictions


École polytechnique, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France
Humans collect and interpret measurements to understand the world and exercise control over chaos. We rely on mechanisms of measurement – such as a meter, the speed of light, or a photographic record – with the assumption that they establish a truth in which we can believe....

Tim Hyde ©

Red Sun

My work Red Sun is directly inspired and informed by several bodies of Robert Rauschenberg’s prints and collages from the late 1960s to the 2000s. I began to study Rauchenberg’s work from a photographic perspective after moving to California in 2014 and conducting research for my own photographic collage work exploring the epic scale of the ongoing construction and destruction of the American West.

Tim Hyde ©

Journey to the Center of the Earth


There is a small, defunct limestone quarry in northern Vermont that is one of the oldest holes in the earth. Stone from the region is prized for its deep black and grey striations - it was used to make Radio City Music Hall and the National Gallery of Art. While extracting the stone, workers found fossilized remains of spiral shelled animals that are some of the earliest life forms ever discovered.

Tim Hyde ©

Untitled (Monument) Series 2

Untitled Monument, Series 02 (Site: Airport runway in Vermont closed after a storm)

Tim Hyde ©

The Island: Prologue

The island was the site of a shipwreck in the 1950s that set off a series of geopolitical disputes. These conflicts, combined with the cultural shifts of the early twentieth century, resulted in human evacuation and subsequent replacement by large colonies of sea mammals. The animals have since moved into a house abandoned by the island’s former human inhabitants and established their own strict social order within the ruins.

Tim Hyde © & Andrea Galvani


Modular installation designed for conversations and live events held in New York, Miami, and Mexico City. A Skull Session project.

Tim Hyde © & Andrea Galvani

The Skull Sessions No.2

The Skull Sessions are conversations rendered as form. Each Session is a dialogue recorded and reshaped into experimental publications, objects, images, and installations. The project is an ongoing collaboration between Andrea Galvani and Tim Hyde, producing a series of collective works that often involve other artists, architects, scientists, writers, and musicians.

Tim Hyde © & Andrea Galvani

The Skull Sessions No.1

Session No.1 is an experimental publication generated by a conversation with artist Saul Melman. Saul Melman makes sculptures and environments that integrate tactile and conceptual manifestations of the body.

Tim Hyde ©

Untitled (Monument) Series 1

[Excerpt] “…The moving image also allowed Hyde to think of time differently. If, with his still photographs, a moment in time was captured in a relatively inflexible format, which video, time becomes a malleable component that could be edited, fragmented, and manipulated into new forms of representation.

Tim Hyde ©

How to Draw a Cathedral

9 Photographs, each 19×12 inches, Pigment prints

Tim Hyde ©

The Keeper

The Keeper records a silent negotiation of ownership and historical memory with an elderly woman in a former KGB building in Kiev, Ukraine. The interaction between the woman and the camera is silent, kinetic, instinctive, as the woman stands intentionally framed in the center of the shot.

    Tim Hyde ©                   

Invisible City

Invisible City echoes the Italo Calvino novel in which Marco Polo recounts his travels to the reclusive emperor Kublai Khan. Marco Polo reenacts the places he has seen through "gestures, leaps, cries of wonder and horror, animal barking or hootings..."

Tim Hyde ©

Bus Passengers

“Bus Passengers” is a series of video portraits of passengers on the bus at night, filmed openly from the sidewalk as buses moved up Broadway in New York City. Each portrait frames a single passenger, staying with them until the bus pulls away.

Tim Hyde ©

The Memory Palace

‘The Memory Palace’ is a series of photographs made from the point of view of a fictional character from a short story by Antoine Wilson. The character is an insomniac Los Angeles artist who works at night and sees the city as a waking dream.