Tim Hyde © Entre Chien et Loup, 2014
Transluscent pigment print on non-reflextive plexiglass, Custom LED array, aluminum, electricity.   6ft x 8ft
Permanent installation Thomas Phifer Architect, New York
Courtesy the artist & Thomas Phifer

Journey to the Center of the Earth

There is a small, defunct limestone quarry in northern Vermont that is one of the oldest holes in the earth. Stone from the region is prized for its deep black and grey striations - it was used to make Radio City Music Hall and the National Gallery of Art. While extracting the stone, workers found fossilized remains of spiral shelled animals that are some of the earliest life forms ever discovered.
Tim Hyde © “Arborlith”, 2022
“50x40” c-print on aluminum
Tim Hyde © Camoflauge, 2022
“25x25” c-print on aluminum

Tim Hyde © “Incision, Fragment” (Diptych), 2014
Two photographs, each 30×40 inches, Pigment Print,  


Tim Hyde © 2014

Tim Hyde © 2023