The Keeper

The Keeper records a silent negotiation of ownership and historical memory with an elderly woman in a former KGB building in Kiev, Ukraine. The interaction between the woman and the camera is silent, kinetic, instinctive, as the woman stands intentionally framed in the center of the shot. It is not clear whether the woman is trying to be photographed, or is trying to prevent a photograph from being taken. The piece is best shown on a 21″ monitor on a steel stand at head height.

Tim Hyde ©The Keeper, 2006   
Single channel video, 23 inch flat screen monitor on steel stand, 5min looped

Tim Hyde ©The Keeper, 2006
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Tim Hyde © "The Keeper"
Does the Angle Between Two Walls Have a Happy Ending? Installation at Federica Schiavo Gallery
Curated by Ishmael Randall Weeks
April 30 – June 10 2010

[Excerpt from exhibition text] “‘Does the angle between two walls have a happy ending?’ brings together ten artists whose work critically and conceptually repositions and
re-contextualizes formal histories of art, architecture and design in order to highlight intersections between the political, the poetic and the aesthetic. The title is taken from an advert placed by JG Ballard in Ambit, the legendary magazine he helped to edit in the 1960’s, which blazed it’s own unique and often subversive trail through art, poetry and social commentary. The project is intended as a reflection on the urban landscape, its architecture and typography – within the legacy of modernism and its imprint on post-industrial production – as a contention and/or attraction that delineates actions and positions of inclusion and exclusion.”

Tim Hyde © The Keeper,  2006
Single channel video, 23 inch flat screen monitor on steel stand, 5min looped
Installation at Sculpture Center, NYC]

Tim Hyde © The Keeper– Installation at Max Protetch, 2007
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