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Tim Hyde, Map of Rock, Waves and Wind, 2012
Graphite on wall, 24×26 inches

The Island

Exhibition text: “The Island: Prologue” begins with a story about a small island in the Pacific Ocean. The island was the site of a shipwreck in the 1950s that set off a series of geopolitical disputes. These conflicts, combined with the cultural shifts of the early twentieth century, resulted in human evacuation and subsequent replacement by large colonies of sea mammals. The animals have since moved into a house abandoned by the island’s former human inhabitants and established their own strict social order within the ruins. Sea lions, who have articulated limbs, maneuver up and down stairs and have therefore commandeered the upper floors. Seals are left to fight over the crowded first floor. Giant sea birds fly in to occupy the attic. The only human presence on the island for more than two decades has been that of a solitary government ranger, whom Hyde photographed on the last day of his assignment there. As a site where apparent failures have become a generative force to yield unexpected successes, Hyde uses the island as a case study in which to activate relationships between time, architecture, and the expanded field of photography.”

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Tim Hyde, The Island (Ranger) 2012
30 x 40 inches, Pigment print on plexiglass, Edition of 5
The Island: Prologue, February 23 – March 24, 2012
Meulensteen Gallery, 511 West 22nd Street, New York NY

Tim Hyde, The Island (Cladogram) 2012
Graphite on wall, 24×32 inches

Tim Hyde, The Island (Melee) 2013
30×40 inches, Pigment print on plexiglass, Edition of 5

“Terrarium” 2013
Marso Gallery, Mexico City. Curated by Sofia Mariscal