Essay: “Common Love, Aesthetics of Becoming”, Kaira M. Cabañas, Editor

︎  “Common Love, Aesthetics of Becoming”,
Kaira M. Cabañas, Editor
Wallach Gallery, Columbia University, April 2011

[Excerpt] “The works in Common Love subtly alter the relations between seeing, speaking, and doing for its spectators. They are modest gestures, to be sure. As Rancière maintains, “The images of art do not supply weapons for bat- tles.”18 Instead he affirms how art helps to draw new configurations of “what can be seen, what can be said and what can be thought.”[19] To this statement I would add the following proviso: art’s images present an accumulation of our abilities to think and feel, to see and form relations.20 In short, art invests in our power to love.”

Artists: Dave Arnold, Ronnie Bass, Guy Ben-Ner, Sean Dack, N Dash, Marc Handelman, Tim Hyde, Will Kwan, Mads Lynnerup, Yasue Maetake, Gabriel Martinez, Gedi Sibony, Mika Tajima, Christian de Vietri, Rona Yefman.

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