Exhibition: “Inaugural Exhibition” at Pier 24 Photography, San Francisco CA

    “Inaugural Exhibit”, Pier 24 Photography, San Francisco, CA
    March 16 – July 16 2010
    Curated by Chris McCall

[Excerpt from the New York Times] “In six short years, Andrew Pilara has amassed over two thousand photographic works—from a Diane Arbusprint, the first in his collection, to a grotesque Marilyn Minter video — and transformed a dilapidated pier beneath the Bay Bridge in San Francisco into one of the largest spaces for photography in the United States. Each work is installed without any caption information, so looking becomes an exercise in recognition and speculation, and ultimately conversation.

Pier 24 Exhibition walk-through

︎ “On and Off the Walls: A First Look at Pier 24”, in the New Yorker
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