Exhibition: “The Every Other Day” at Ideobox Gallery

    ︎  “The Every Other Day”
    Ideobox Gallery, Miami Florida.
    Curated by Donald Johnson-Montenegro
    Oct 7, 2010 – Jan 7, 2011

[Excerpt from Exhibition text] “How might the usual become unusual—how might the everyday become the every other day? The eleven artists included in this show each engage with this question. They emphasize the present but latent strangeness of the everyday materials and concepts with which they work, making the common uncommon through a subtle but potent subversion.”

Artists: Carol Bove, Ernesto Burgos, Beth Campbell, Michael DeLucia, Andrés Ferrandis, Jonah Groeneboer, Charles Harlan, Tim Hyde, Zak Kitnick, Ian Pedigo, and Heather Rowe.
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