Exhibition: “Ukrainian Citizens, Neighbors, and Strangers”

︎  “Ukrainian Citizens, Neighbors, and Strangers”  
The Kharkov City Art Gallery
/ Kharkov, Ukraine
Chernyshevsky Str. 1526
May 2008

Artists:  Vika Begalska, Veaceslav Druta, Adam Frelin, Tim Hyde, Gleb Katchuk + Olga Kashimbeckova, Yuriy Kruchak, R.E.P Group, Stefan Rusu, and Lesja Zajac + Olexander Gnilitsky. This screening includes visual artists from Ukraine and Moldova, two countries that share a Soviet past and are experiencing similar cultural, political, and social transition. To offer a comparative perspective from the position of outsiders, two U.S. artists, who made their work in Ukraine and Belarus, are also included. This program has been co-organized by Jordan Biren and Julie Deamer for Outpost for Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

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