Exhibition: “Ukrainian Citizens and Strangers” at Queens Annex

︎  Ukrainian Citizens and Strangers
Queens Annex Gallery, San Francisco
Curated by Julie Deamer / Outpost for Contemporary Art
March 14 – April 30, 2008

Four Walls founder Julie Deamer organized Ukrainian Citizens and Strangers, an impressive collaboration between nine American and Ukrainian artists. Filled with narratives haunted by memories of an oppressive government, the exhibition explores how a culture might reassess its relationship with the past while attempting to underwrite a hopeful future. Jeff Cain scours Kiev for evidence of “ReConstructivism” — that is, community-built, socially practical structures designed outside the state’s mandate. Meanwhile, Tim Hyde, Yuriy Kruchak, and Yuliya Kostevera use objects and architecture to evoke an environment haunted by history and transition.
Artists: Jeff Cain, Adam Frelin, Olexander Gnilitsky, Maya Hayuk, Tim Hyde, Yuliya Kostevera, Yuriy Kruchak, Angie Waller, Lesja Zajac.

︎ “Ukrainian Citizens and Strangers” in SF Gate

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