Review: “The Skull Sessions” in ArtFetch

    “Miami Nice: Art Fetch Goes Undercover”
    Art Fetch
    By Shana Beth Mason
    Dec.12, 2012

[EXCERPT] “…Its most impressive project was the New York–based collaborative called The Skull Sessions(founded by Andrea Galvani and Tim Hyde). Visitors discovered Alice Miceli’s buried and  resurrected rayographs from Chernobyl;
  Saul Melman’s performances (one, photographs previously taken of his gilding MoMa PS1’s subterranean furnace, and the other arranging horse skin parchment bricks live within the gallery’s booth); Galvani’s clandestine habitation of a rocky area on the island of Corsica; and Hyde’s manipulated photographs of a person seemingly shifting the sky into moveable panels above a parking lot. The capabilities and semantics of organic bodies, and how time inhibits or facilitates their potential was the key.

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